The Power of a Positive Change

Columbia Medical Associates is proud to announce we’re part of Kaiser Permanente, one of the country’s leading health care organizations.  Our clinic names are changing.  And you will begin to see Kaiser Permanente signs on our medical centers.

Don’t worry, some important things won’t change:

You can still see your same doctor.

  • Correspondence and billing will still be sent from CMA.

  • We still accept a range of health plans, including Kaiser Permanente.

  • You can still manage your health information on our website. 

  • Our phone number is still 509-688-6700. Call us with questions or to make an appointment. 

New Clinic Names:

North Spokane

  • Kaiser Permanente Northpointe Medical Office  (Formerly CMA North)
  • Kaiser Permanente Westview Family Medicine
  • Kaiser Permanente Endocrinology

Downtown Spokane

  • Kaiser Permanente Kendall Yards Medical Office (Formerly Family Health Center)

South Spokane

  • Kaiser Permanente Lincoln Heights Medical Office (Formerly South Hill Family Medicine)

Spokane Valley

  • Kaiser Permanente Associated Family Physicians 
  • Kaiser Permanente Fairfield